Xero Nominal Codes

At the moment all transactions come through to one Nominal Code - we need the ability to allocate different Services and Products to different nominal codes. Can this be actioned?

Hi Rachel.

Thank you for your feedback. We are always open to improving our system, including the integrations. I will notify our team of your feedback, and you are welcome to provide any other suggestions you may have regarding the integration.

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We have similar issues. We are just trying to integrate with xero and we can see the following choices…

  1. Default account code for payments - It only gives us one choice. So most of our payments go to the current account ( therefore we would choose this as our account code) but what about those that are cash payments? There is an option later in the settings for choice payment methods but if you have only one default payment account code then won’t all the payments go to the current account if we had chosen that as the default?
    2.Default account code for line items - again there is only once choice. As Rachel in this thread points out, we should be able to allocate different services (eg a consultation) and products ( eg a vaccine) to corresponding services and products within Xero. Again there appears to be a xero account code setting option within the product/service settings but if there is a default option on the main xero integration page , we are not sure how they would work.( would it override all the other settings?)

Hi Ravi.

Thanks for your feedback.
I suggest you contact our support team for further clarification.

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